Writing Advice from Ray Bradbury


“You fail only if you stop writing.”

Known for writing a short story every week, the late master of science fiction Ray Bradbury had a rather pragmatic philosophy when it came to writing, which he described in his book Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity, which is a must read for writers who need a bit of inspiration. Here is some of the best advice about the creative process of writers that can be found in any book.

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Discernments about value in creating wealth

I keep stickies on my desktop (Windows 7) to jotted down insightful thoughts I hear in YouTube videos or blogs I read. Here are twos thoughts I plagarized, and a poem that was in a sticky

consistently share unique content
not what yoyu say, but energy behind it
share what you like, interested in, value
know your audience, have fun
originality is everything, creating valuable content that benefits the readship, and has long shelf life;
passionate moves you forward, catalyst to be greatest version
get personal, be apart of the story, be vulnerable

what are we investing in/what are you giving to the world/how are you creating value for the world/ what are my talents/ how is this making me wealthy/ change attitude towards money/

I thought I would write the poem below as away to say something more about me.

I have this loneliness about me
with all these rich emotions too.
You ever in a day, just look up at the stars
and wish you were home?

I love to dream and enjoying the silence
Synchronicity, is how i roll.

How to Write a Great Blog Post: A Beginner’s Guide

The Art of Blogging

There are more blogs in existence than ever, yet more and more people are seduced by the idea of sharing their thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world.

As a matter of fact, it does seem as if there’s a war out there. Everyone is fighting for attention, there are so many things to learn and master. So many social networks, marketing techniques. There’s even an awful lot of content on blogging itself, which makes it even more frustrating.

How do you write a great blog post?

I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t know the answer. Or would I …

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How to Get Ideas

The Art of Blogging

Some of the most basic rules of blogging are quite simple: content is king, write every day, and commit to a regular posting schedule.

All of these rules are not easy to follow. They’re quite frustrating, in a way. After all, a three word rule shouldn’t be that difficult to follow.

Or the fact that the secret to being a successful blogger is all about producing great content. Regularly. On daily basis, if that’s possible.

Which begs the following question:

How are you supposed to keep dreaming up great ideas to write about?

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The Film on Vaccines Robert De Niro Won’t Let His Audience See [video] — Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I was heartened to hear the other day that Robert De Niro planned to screen a film called “Vaxxed” at the film festival he founded—Tribeca; a film about the dangers of vaccinations. Now Jon Rappoport tells us De Nero caved and will not be showing it. Rappoport’s pissed, and I echo those sentiments. I say,…

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An ‘Easter’ Prayer

This prayer isn’t about being Easter, but a day my family gets together to share Christian values.

Dear God, thank you for bringing us together to share as a family in these fast pace times and give blessing to those who are less fortunate yet share our appreciation of Divine Love. Amen.

The Genesis of the Fake Corporate “Personas”

people should not suffer any loss or claim against their labor, their private property, or their public property interests as a result of the constructive fraud being practiced against them by these corporations—-including and especially the governmental services corporations which have passed themselves off as the lawful government owed this nation.

Source: The Genesis of the Fake Corporate “Personas”

Cobra Update for March 7, 2016; The Ascension Plan

Source: Cobra Update for March 7, 2016; The Ascension Plan

The Birth Certificate Conspiracy

Maine Republic Email Alert

Thanks to David Johnson on FaceBook.

Understanding how Maritime Admiralty Law ( Maritime / Commercial ) LAW has usurped Common or Constitutional Law. This is a very important concept to understand because by understanding it you will understand how the Government and the Global cabal have systematically planned and conspired to remove your Inalienable Right to Sovereignty.

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How “They” Did It; Hidden Tyranny & Oppression [video]

Source: How “They” Did It; Hidden Tyranny & Oppression 

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