Being Bohemian and Learning

Being bohemian and learning is living free to pursue to whatever experiences define who-you-are-really. So let your emotions guide you where you need to be in the future now.

There is no institute for educating an ideal life, just one’s desire to be actualized and present in the future now.

Yet, there should be an organic education from schools, work, family, and communities, to nurture everyone’s knowledge about how they relate to the world by sponsoring diversity in arts and culture, to spark one’s faculties for questing ‘heaven on earth’ with attributes of true force.

Always be imbuing in spontaneity.and discerning imagination.

Always be creating social contracts for consensus and morality.

Everyone is an individual – who possess a frame of reference, philosophy, personality, and spirit. All people are influence by personal experiences from human nature,. The human experience and soul expression will illuminate a meaningful life.

Thus, ‘being bohemian and learning’ is reverence of your monarchy on the land. It’s a free choice that you alone have self-control of the jurisdiction of your meaningful life; and leave a legacy of ‘heaven on earth’ that is animates from your vision of the future now. The heart beats the mind. Abracadabra – Presto!



About adamryanwhite11

Adam Ryan White, born Wednesday, April, 15, 1981. An Aries, Rooster and Life Path 2. He is a poet, entrepreneur, karaoke crooner and bohemian. He makes his home in Oshawa.

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