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Mysteries In The Night

Dreams are the language of the unconscious; we dream in symbols; understanding the symbols we can interrupt dreams to know more about ourselves. Edgar Cayce once said, “Dreams, visions, impressions, to the entity in the normal sleeping state are the presentations of the experiences necessary for the development, if the entity would apply them in the physical life. These may be taken as warnings, as advice, as conditions to be met, conditions to be viewed in a way and manner as lessons, as truths, as they are presented in the various ways and manners.”

Four Types of Dreams (Edgar Cayce)

  1. Improving body
  2. Understanding oneself
  3. Psychic dreams, precognitive warnings, and clairvoyance
  4. Spiritual guidance and creative
  • Know your relationship to Universe and Creator, can expect help from other-0side: dreams.
  • When contact is established and recognized by the waking individual, true self-control can happen.
  • Exciting scenarios or interrelated episodes, fraught with meaning.
  • Don’t be apt to shrug off whimsical dreams (yearning truth)
  • Go to bed with the intention to remember your dreams.

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Indie band: Career or hobby?

Indie bands don’t make a living performing at bars and cafes with a $5 cover; Perhaps at a larger venue that can seat a hundred people or festival. I see indie bands making a go of it firstly with a committed band with a shared vision, a brand, a loyal fan base, selling merchandise, and promotion by: word of mouth, utilizing online medias (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and an Official website) to attract a label to sign them. Having an entrepreneurial mind-set will help make an indie band’s product to make a profit. A good framework is to study and emulate successful indie bands who got sign to a major label; such as reading about The Arcane Fire on Wikipedia. I even heard that The Arcane Fire had a huge following on YouTube before signing with Mercury. Grinding it out for a few dollars isn’t a career but a hobby.

Green Lantern Special #1 (1988) Notes

green lantern special 1

I think last year I read Green Lantern Special 1. I wrote rough notes on a 3×5 index card. I love back issue comic books. They have a style, texture, magic, and nostalgia that breathe’s imagination. I like this story for its philosophy and shining light on racism as a social construct. It doesn’t manner where the story takes place because the theme can be apply to any country that has an apartheid.

“Wondering what the lowdown is on the power rings and what they can do? “With This Ring…” tells the tale as John Stewart finds himself in South America, trying to determine which side he’s on. Guest-starring Superman. Written by Jim Owsley, with art by Tod Smith and Denis Rodier.”


J.S. escapes jail in Nambia, frees prisoners, whom are political dissidents. They share a reality of the apartheid.
J.S. says, “…sometimes we have to answer to a higher morality than the laws which govern us.”
Green Later Oath: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power. Green Lantern light!”

Discovering gratitude

Discovering gratitude

Listening to Eldon Taylor on Coast to Coast am, , he says, A good experiment is doing deeds and record in a journal and reflect how you felt by you and the other.

“Eldon Taylor, bestselling author and inventor of the patented InnerTalk technology and the founder and President of Progressive Awareness Research, will talk about Thanksgiving and the power of gratitude and positive thought. He’ll explain how it’s never too late to be happy and successful, and how being thankful is a major step toward moving forward and living a satisfying and fulfilling life.”

Final thoughts:
make conscienous choice
build framework of awareness

pH Miracle

Research scientist focusing on cellular nutrition, Dr. Robert O. Young discussed what he believes to be the true causes of disease. This led him to develop a new form of biology to help people balance their body chemistry using mostly dietary changes and eliminating inflammation. The human body is alkaline by design, and when it’s in this state, we have energy, vitality, and fitness; however, when it’s acidic, people can experience fatigue, irritations, sensitivities, allergies, and inflammation, he stated. “In fact, I’ve said you cannot have acid without pain…I’ve referred to that as Stage 4 Acidosis,” he commented. Ideally, a person should be between 7.3 – 7.4 on the scale of the pH test strips, and “by managing the pH of the internal fluids of the body, they will live longer and healthier,” he added.

Young outlined dietary practices that can increase the alkaline level of the body, suggesting that we eat food, not because of its caloric value, but for its electric potential and life force energy. For him, this means a lot of green and raw foods and drinks (which are high in chlorophyll) like parsley, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, hemp, and avocados. Drinking water treated to be more alkaline is another helpful practice, he said, noting that there are ionizers that can create this, or people can buy drops to add to their water.

Increasing the consumption of green foods is the best way to build health in our bodies, “cause if we want healthy bodies, we have to build healthy blood,” he said. Young further recommended that people get healthy amounts of salt in their diet to stay alkaline. Salts help to support the stomach, which pulls sodium, water, and carbon dioxide from the blood to form sodium bicarbonate which alkalizes the food we’ve eaten, and neutralizes acids from metabolism, he explained.

Being a Bohemian-Poet and Learning

Everybody is a poet who expresses their thoughts to mirror the world they want to live in: Language is the way to illuminate experiences to tell that story. The effectiveness depends on how well the poet can communicate their purpose to mirror their imagination and understandings to the audience. The poet wants to show and tell their story objectively, so whoever listens experiences the word magic for them-selves.

Being bohemian, you live by creative impulses through a baroque vein, you just live free to pursue to whatever experiences define who you are. There is no institute for educating an ideal life, just one’s desire to be actualized and present in the future now. Yet, formal education from schools, work, family and communities should be the culture to spark one’s faculties for nurturing talent and skills, and critically thinking about what is the ideal life.

Society is cultural diversity. Nobody shares the same vision, because nobody is born the same, and will experience reality with their own sensations and beliefs – influenced by personal situations and events. Nobody looks the same and everyone has a soul (a vibrational state of being You), thus we all express originality naturally.

Let your emotional intelligence (empathy) guide you where you need to be; look within to know what mirrors your world; your thoughts create reality. Imagination, desires, and perseverance will help plan and execute success.

Whatever influences your mode of being (cultures, environment, industries, and spirituality) for knowledge gathering – will assimilate in your body-mind-soul; the onus is with you to live a meaningful life; for you are original and expert in the way you express yourself. Style is the man. It is what is. Abracadabra – Presto!

Pax Vobiscum

Being Bohemian and Learning

Being bohemian and learning is living free to pursue to whatever experiences define who-you-are-really. So let your emotions guide you where you need to be in the future now.

There is no institute for educating an ideal life, just one’s desire to be actualized and present in the future now.

Yet, there should be an organic education from schools, work, family, and communities, to nurture everyone’s knowledge about how they relate to the world by sponsoring diversity in arts and culture, to spark one’s faculties for questing ‘heaven on earth’ with attributes of true force.

Always be imbuing in spontaneity.and discerning imagination.

Always be creating social contracts for consensus and morality.

Everyone is an individual – who possess a frame of reference, philosophy, personality, and spirit. All people are influence by personal experiences from human nature,. The human experience and soul expression will illuminate a meaningful life.

Thus, ‘being bohemian and learning’ is reverence of your monarchy on the land. It’s a free choice that you alone have self-control of the jurisdiction of your meaningful life; and leave a legacy of ‘heaven on earth’ that is animates from your vision of the future now. The heart beats the mind. Abracadabra – Presto!


5 Writing tips

Reading from ‘The Daily Post’ on my WordPress Reader, I learnt 5 Storytelling Tips.

The common sayings for writers everywhere are: “Write everyday!” “Show, don’t tell!” “Write about what you know!” These sayings sound normal, but to keep your voice unique – it is wise to be authentic, evolve your style, and keep free for new directions to write new story ideas.

1. Set arbitrary limits
-the scope of the work: words, main theme and idea,

2. write what you don’t know
-be a writer with a knowledge of discovery, and experience those stories as new experiences; and move forward to new jhournies and new experiences.

3. Show and tell
 you what to show emotion that readers can adapt easily on their own; don’t use exessive talk and padding words to patronize the audience;

4. Use media to your advantage
-use multi media to deliver a diversity of visual elements like a scrapbook to be a tool in tell your story.

5. Read your story out loud
-reading aloud will detect fluffing and bad punctuation and form.

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