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Art Prose: Brooding dystrophy of belief



My art journal 2006-2015

Be My Valentine




Valentine’s Day is tomorrow; I don’t have a date as of the moment and its common. I think I can though, I know lots of female friends who like me. I’m not making a drama about it, just narrating some of my muddled thoughts. Creating these hearts is my way to manifest my thought into action. I need to outgrow my habits of being a hermit and be free to have a romantic relationship. I love you! Be my Valentine ❤

Daily Drawing: (Living in a) Jerky City

ART city man glowers

Create Art Everywhere

I don’t go anywhere without a notepad and writing tool because writing or drawing is my social habit. Last night I went to the Stag’s Head for karaoke. Being hard of hearing in a noisy bar make picking up conversation difficult; having my notepad or smartphone I can write messages or do a poetry or art collaborations. I sat with my friend, we didn’t talk much, but we just had a good time. I felt myself contemplating something, so I dug into my satchel and pull out my notepad and pen and created some art.

shwa art4

shwa art5

Universe is Love Making

Beloved and Me
in the Electric Universe
feeling orgasmic
in the Orgone field of knowing

loving making

In the Land of Jah

Yesterday evening, my soul friend and I visited her family of friends. It was a special evening, it was a home warming parry and a birthday. There was reggae music playin, lots of children dancing, a pot luck of Caribbean food, and good vibes all around. Everything was blessed. When the moment came – I drew some art.

shwa art1

shwa art2

shwa art3

Soul Deep

I have 6 senses, but its the over-soul that gives the narration.
We are all actors in this grand scheme of life, its His-story.

Free will, I want love.
Free choice, I want love.

soul deep

Drawing Art, doing karaoke, creating thoughts that resonant

Expressing life and being apart of the bigger story. I was invited out to The Hub, by Brian Ley, who was hosting his karaoke birthday party. I came out in -17C weather, I wore three layers, and wore thermal soxes as mittens. I don’t make many plans with people, I can go anywhere and meet friends. At The Hub, I met my soul friend Adam; Adam and I meet randomly and write and draw art in public spaces. I sat with Adam at the bar, he tore me two sheets of paper from his art journal to draw art on, and by end of the night he bought me two beers. There was a good crowd tonight, I knew lots of people. At first there was some innocent aversion, like eye contact, but once I song my first song (REM – Daysleeper), the barriers came down. Last song I sang was Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street: this song got a good presence. I stayed till the last bus would soon come, I said ‘goodbyes’ to my friends, wished Brian a happy birthday, and walked to my bus stop. Life is vibrational; I feel like a tuning fork; I’m a “crazy kid.”

nov art 2014 1

nov art 2014 2

A brooding day

I’m wondering when my back will heal, just glad its not getting worst. My social habits have changed, obviously I cannot make it downtown as much. I’m trying to eat and drink water more and I’m monitoring my PH. This morning it was 6.4 and an hour after I ate it was 8.0.

I’m 33, I live with Neurofibromatosis Type 2, I have brain injuries, facial paralysis, right dropfoot, left arm atropy, hard of hearing and feel I am not where I should be at the moment. I don’t want to have aversion to my condition, but if my body is energy I can attune the frequency and heal myself. That takes discipline. Supposedly there are multi-dimensional lives concurrently happening right now. I like to ascension out of this reality (dimension) and enjoy my full potential: healthy, physically fit, knowledgeable, bliss and married with children.

I brooded all day when I wasn’t sleeping. Brooding is what I call subliminal art. I drew this landscape throughout the day.

artwork 10.26.20174

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