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My Journey with Neurofibromatosis Type 2…

I have a blessed life. Even though I live with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) that caused me to have surgeries to have facial paralysis, right drop foot, hard of hearing, bad balance and weakness – I will not let it consume me. I been watching video blogs by people with NF2. I feel its time I brought more awareness about NF2 and how it affects me and other people. I will create a Vlog soon about living with NF2 and where I hope the journey will take me.carrying torch lighting cauldron

Photos above are me as a Torch Bearer in Oshawa for the Toronto Parapan Am Games 2015.


New Beginning

For the past several months I haven’t posted in my blog. I want to change that! You see I have been caught up in my drama of looking outside myself to try and save the world. But how can you save the world if you can’t save yourself first? The drama is noise, distraction from what is going on with me. I have Neurofibromatosis Type 2. I was diagnosed at 18. 2001 I had a spinal tumor remove from my lumbar-5, an acoustic neuroma (brain tumor) removed in 2006 and months later a shunt was implanted in me. Its been 9 years since my brain tumor was removed. I have had energy healing  done through that time. A good reason my health has been stable. I appreciate the energy given to me but I didn’t do my part to follow advice to keep my energy body regulated. Its been 2 years since I had crystal healing. My space is something chaotic. I keep bad habits that limit my ambitions. I see I have become a victim to my low energy input. Presently I haven’t been feeling well. I have had periods of soreness and sickness. I’m in alright condition. My balance and strength has noticeably decreased. I don’t feel helpless nor feel doom. But I recognize that my last MRI in 2014 shown I have a large brain tumor that can be operated on now. I ask my best friend about seeing a practioner of QHHT (quantum healing hynopsis technique). She recommended me seeing her Reiki Master (who taught her Reiki). Her name is Dee. My first session with her was Wednesday July 8, 2015. She told me she can help but it was on me to do the leg work. She reminded me about my guardians angels are always with me; I just have to ask them for help. My second session was Wednesday July 22, 2015. She helped me realize what I have is a disease (dis-ease) because my body is not at ease nor is it whole. The energy healing she gives is good but its up to me to keep my energy high by my thoughts and feelings and ‘refusing’ the disease from overcoming me. I can’t just think I want to be “whole” but I must live it! Dee told me she saw my brain tumor; it was large and intertwine with a lot nerves. She told me she would start giving me free Reiki. She told me I need time to work on myself and do the self healing exercises she recommended. (Which is visualizing a white light surrounding brain tumor and shrinking it; as well asking for help from my guardian angels). My third session is scheduled for Wednesday August 12, 2015. I desire to be happy, vital and whole. It takes experiences to learn from situations to direct our lives down specific pathways. I desire the pathway I take takes me to Satori. I will journal regularly my progress. This situation is very real and the knife can cut either way. I love you all. Namaste.

adam outdoors1

That moment, I realize I have to ask the Universe what I want and only when I’m ready will I get my ‘thing.’

I maybe a lost soul

I desire a soul mate, yet my self defeating habits deny my that. I love, that is easy, yet sometimes my mind gets full of bees and I don’t know how to communicate effectively. The friends I have, know my intentions, they know I’m neurotic, and I’m happy I have closure that they accept me. I confess I love to the soul, yet if I can’t build proper relationships, Am I still loving soul deep? I know I can change my language to live more correct, yet I cannot be Pollyanna and use words without merit. The thoughts I do have that form and act to tell this story do show me where I need to realign my mind to desire and receive the best life for me. I maybe a lost soul, but I love God, yet this world is too dramatic.

Chairman of Communication Subcommittee

March 4, 2015 at 6:30pm at Oshawa City Hall was my first time Chairing the Oshawa Advisory Accessibility Committee Communication Subcommittee. I was nervous but did have an agenda to follow and support from staff and members. I invited two friends attended. A long story short, the committee meeting didn’t meet quorum and it was canceled. I sent an email this afternoon to all members about my expectations for a meaningful and fun committee and that quorum needs to be met, so action can take place. Next meeting is March 16, 2015 at 6:30pm at same location.


Sending out good intentions and finding synchronicity

Today i hosted a Knowledge Cafe at Wasted Space (cafe in Oshawa.) I spoke with my friend about synchronicity. Synchronicity being how quickly your desires are realized. I want “Heaven on Earth.”

We spoke how people are naturally emotional beings: and people feel great about helping others because it makes them feel like a hero.

Today it snowed ice and created slushy walking conditions. I have mobility issues, so I use a walking stick to keep me steady.

On my bus ride home, I ask bus driver for a request stop, so I can avoid the snowy side sidewalk. A gentleman got off at my stop to. He said he would walk with me home. I asked him his name, he said “John.” He gave me his arm to walk on my snowy icy driveway to the front door. I said, ” God bless you.” 🙂

This is how I experience God, by sharing and receiving love and happiness with people. I realize everyone has different aims to the good life, but think ends are the same. The opportunity for a high standard of living for all. There is no such thing as an utopia, but only ones dream and desire for peace of mind in a society where people can collaborate to create an environment to have heaven on earth.

You Can Heal Your Life Calendar

Every year I buy a spiritual calendar that gives me additional insight about living in the now time throughout the year. I bought a Louise L. Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” 2015 Calendar.



“I use my affirmations wisely”

In the beginning was the word

Every single thought I have
and every sentence I speak
is an affirmation. it is either
positive or negative.

Positive affirmations
create positive experiences
and negative affirmations
create negative experiences.

If i continually repeat negative
statements about myself or above
life, I only keep producing more
negative experiences.

I now rise beyond my old habit
of seeing life in a negative way.
My new affirmation habit is to only
speak of the good i want in my life.
Then, only good will come to me.

Whimsy pathway to romance

Yesterday, I was brooding at Joe Bean (cafe downtown Oshawa) about the path I’m on to find romance. That day I wanted study and write prose inspired by the book The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire.

My friend was with me earlier, I showed him the book and offered him to study abit of it while I read another book I had with me (Lady Chatterley’s Lover). I told him in jest that I had this book since 2003. He joshed me by saying, “Now your finally getting around to reading it.” I said, “No, I read it, just never practiced it fully.” My friend held the book, he scanned it, but he remarked “I can’t read this” as in he doesn’t have the patience or aptitude to understand the language used by the author David Deida. My friend would leave. I would read Chapter 4o “Allow Older Women Their Magic” and I wrote this prose.

Allow her to shine magnificence:
wisdom, power, intuition and wit;
Make no demands or build models
Let her radiance and love spring forward.

Primal is beauty of the way her soul shines
Primal is the flush of her heavenly guise
Primal is knowledge of the way she moves life
Primal is the youth of her energy inside.

I prefer heaven on earth

I museheaven on earth everyday. When I see the latest fear gimmick in the mass media I don’t get emotional about it.

Today on Facebook, a post was made regarding the ‘Charles Hebdo attack’ and someone commented that the world is a scary place. I replied that this event was an “opportunity to show love for your friends, family, strangers and witness the truth about the world.” Some people live in a fish bowl and subjected to another’s view of the world.

The Source of Love is truth and fear is a lie. Of course their will be situations to provoke fear but its coercion to be subdue to the lie. I don’t fear a gun to head or perhaps a stick needle in my eyes, I prefer it didn’t happen but I just try to live a life path that brings love, and in the end I’m my soul not my body.


Belated Announcement

On Monday, December 1, 2014 at 10am – I attended the Inauguration of the new Oshawa City Councilors and Mayor. The ceremony began with a “call to order” by the City Clerk; Next was an invocation by Reverend Canon Anthony Jemmott of St. George’s Memorial Church; next was a short speech by David Potts (City Solicitor). He than conducted the Declaration of Office by the Mayor and Councilors and invest Mayor John Henry with the Chain of Office; next the “Inaugural speech” of Mayor Henry; next Motions concerning Council organization: 1. Appointment of Deputy Mayor, 2.a) Standing Committee Structure, b)Appointments to Standing Committees; next was CONFIRMING BY-LAW: A by-law to confirm the City Council Inaugural meeting of Devcember 1, 2014; finally, the closing by Father Bob O’Brien of St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church, and than ADJOURN.

I film the ceremony of the Mayor and Councilors walking in and taking there Oaths of Office. I haven’t been able to shrink the size to upload to Youtube. I left before heareing how the Standing Committes would be structured and who was appointed. I learnt later in the day…….I was appointed to the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee. I submitted an application three weeks prior to Inauguration meeting.

You can watch the Inauguration Meeting on the Webcast Player (but beginning ceremony is omitted). At 33:20, the Oshawa Accessibility appointment process begins to choose two citizens of seven to serve a one year term. At 37:50 my name is read as appoint to Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee.

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 6pm in the Committee room A at Oshawa City Hall was my first Oshawa Accessbility Advisory Meeting. I arrived early to get a good seat, talked with the Chair of the O.A.A.C., and got an assistant hearing device from the O.A.A.C. staffer. This meeting was catered by Country Style; I had took a egg salad sandwich, a Canada Dry, some fruit and veggies.

You can find Agendas and minutes here:

Here are my notes I made for this meeting:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Notable Correspondences
Deaf Blind Ontario Services
Spoke about: Residence Program
• A Charity
• Affiliation with Ministry of community and social services
• 7ooo deafblind in Ontario [stats can]
• Life skills, gain independence
• DIY orientation and accessibility enhancements
• -Who supports DBSO?
• -Are there work placements?
* – free standards guide

Facilities Service Mgmt.
Spoke about: Reallocation of surplus capital funding
• Facilities Services Mgmt. has been involved with O.A.A.C. since its committee creation.
• Assessments of City properties
• Enabling accessibility fund
• Property building accessibility code
• How are projects tender? There is a 3 quote open competitive bidding process; Some small projects are sole sourced to preferred builders;
• Purchasing dept. has transparent regulation

Marco from a Medical Marijuana working group
Motion for a Special Meeting request as awareness on medical marijuana to City Councilors and Mayor

Goal of working group
1. Educating awareness and impact on city; public forums; regulations; better environment for users (medical and recreational);

My comments on a letter sent by Behishta Mushtaq to Rogers demanding closed captioning on City Council Meetings.
How to Persuade Rogers to add Close Captioning to programs on their public broadcasting channel
Rogers operates channel 54 at a lost, so there is no benefit to add more expenses to incur more liabilities. Yet, the public channel is made apart of their television packages, and are mandated by CRTC to show local content on that channel. Behishta Mushtaq from Durham Deaf Accessibility Committee – wrote a letter to Vice President Pamela Dinsmore of Regulations at Rogers – demanding closed captioning be mandatory for Oshawa City Council Meetings. Pamela’s rebut was that they meet CRTC regulations. The bottom line is the cost of production (volunteers, trained stenographer, and other resources); and Rogers may feel following the preferred CRTC regulation is enough accessibility to the target market.

The best way to persuade Rogers to add closed captioning to Council Meetings is to add ask “How can we make this happen: creating a greater viewership by adding closed captioning to Council Meetings and other programing? For there is a prominent deaf culture in Oshawa (as seem by the Durham Deaf Services); and most likely hard-of-hearing and deaf people are among Roger customers. Furthermore, Rogers has a disability advocate show, so this can be an opportunity to promote closed captioning and expose Rogers for their initiative to make local programing accessible.

 Volunteering, passion: how we can make it happen, process, time delay, cost, TV packages, factors of production, how can I help?, best for everyone, exposure to accessibility, rogers effort to improve accessibility.

Other Business
Ben Fudge
Mobility issues
Travelling, removing barriers
Motion to change wording of by-law
Amendments must be approved by a Standing committee – Corporate Services

Julia McCrea
Sidewalk design don’t accommodate all pedestrians
There is a new accessibility building standard

 An Oshawa Accessibility Working Group to inform O.A.A.C. of greater accessibility causes.

Next Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting is Tuesday, January 21, 2015 at 6pm in the Commiittee room A at City Hall.

Are you a hypnotist?

Recorded myself singing “Are you a hypnotist? by The Flamming Lips at Corner Pocket (Oshawa). I held my phone right side up but it recorded sideways. Sorry.

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