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My Journey with Neurofibromatosis Type 2…

I have a blessed life. Even though I live with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) that caused me to have surgeries to have facial paralysis, right drop foot, hard of hearing, bad balance and weakness – I will not let it consume me. I been watching video blogs by people with NF2. I feel its time I brought more awareness about NF2 and how it affects me and other people. I will create a Vlog soon about living with NF2 and where I hope the journey will take me.carrying torch lighting cauldron

Photos above are me as a Torch Bearer in Oshawa for the Toronto Parapan Am Games 2015.


I know what I don’t know

My love for you is great
For when I finally meet you
And you meet me
Oh my soul!


Paparazzi LOL

Thursday January 15, 2015 – Aboard the GO Bus coming home from a day with my Dad, Kay and visiting my Nan in Bradford. The GO Bus departs Yorkdale and make eastbound stops till Oshawa GO Terminal. At the Scarborough GO Bus terminal this man was filming passengers coming off and boarding bus I was on. I was siting in the front seat and getting all the action, so I wanted to participate in the voyeurism too. LOL.


You Can Heal Your Life Calendar

Every year I buy a spiritual calendar that gives me additional insight about living in the now time throughout the year. I bought a Louise L. Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” 2015 Calendar.



“I use my affirmations wisely”

In the beginning was the word

Every single thought I have
and every sentence I speak
is an affirmation. it is either
positive or negative.

Positive affirmations
create positive experiences
and negative affirmations
create negative experiences.

If i continually repeat negative
statements about myself or above
life, I only keep producing more
negative experiences.

I now rise beyond my old habit
of seeing life in a negative way.
My new affirmation habit is to only
speak of the good i want in my life.
Then, only good will come to me.

Legalize it


A supernatural ephemera

An ‘exception’ day and night with soul friends
I love you, thank you!

My excursions today began at high noon, as I took the DRT King St. bus Downtown:
My happenings were visitation to: Cocoa and Joe, Joe Bean, The Vault, Paraphenalia Books N Stuff, Kurt Jennings, Donairs, RMG First Fridays, Jeremy and Keith, Wasted Space, Corner Pocket, Man on Demand, Brad, and the Go bus driver (of the last Go bus home).

Today had great energy. Every moment was synchronicity. Life is a story told by the Universe. As above, so below.

As much as I realize my soul love for everyone, some friends and I are still remain neurotic. (I will pray to correct it.)

I performed karaoke at Corner Pocket. These were the songs I sang. Creed “Whats this life for” was a new song. I was singing the chorus periodically today. “Jumper” is a fun song. I always perform karaoke like a soundtrack of my day of thoughts/feelings.

My Bohemian trading card

Today is my one year anniversary of having this blog on WordPress.

I have a business meeting today at noon.
I’m suppose to drafting a new event plan, but
I’m procrastinating, as I’m reading blogs
and looking through my archived photos.

Since I been blogging for a year,
my posting has been irregular
because Facebook has been addictive
for posting since I have many close friends
and family who follow me

There was a moment
when I asked my friends
if they like to start making trading cards of people, places, and things in Oshawa.
I guess it was a whim or my impulsive creative nature.

Photo taken below was in the Summer on a sunny afternoon at Brick by Brick Park, Oshawa.


Random Photos at Events

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Waiting for bus home

Waiting for bus home

I love having a netbook, because its light-weight and it allows me to write anywhere and take pictures. I took this photo, on the bench waiting for the city bus; I wrote a poem about my misadventures in a quandary dreamland.

At Corner Pocket

At Corner Pocket

There was karaoke at Corner Pocket tonight, 9-2am. I arrived at 11pm. My karaoke buddy wasn’t there; and the atmosphere wasn’t conducive, so I left. Song I wanted to sing was ‘Everybody hurts’ by REM.

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