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entropy of loveliness (aphorism)

beautiful daisy please forgive me that I don’t kiss you tonight

because I am learning a heart that’s sowing the entropy of loveliness



My turbulent love

As an outsider, I live tragic moments

Because I desire a relationship with everyone;

As an outsider, I can’t be all things to all people

Because everyone is longing for something different;

As an outsider, I have to just wait to see end to this story.


As an outsider, I live tragic moments

Where friends I have don’t say anything to me.

It’s not that there is anything wrong –

I think they just want to give me my space.

As an outsider, I don’t want to always live in this place

I try to break out of the needless conflict by telling people I love them.

It is my strength.

Yet, as a habit, I miss-place my love creating awkwardness.

I perhaps over think love or put too much pressure on myself to find my soul mate.

I do feel my love is genuinely accepted.


As an outsider, I am who I am

As an outsider, I sense the world from afar

As an outsider, I’m blind to love

Yet determined to crash into it

As an outsider, I live tragic moments

adam love trees

I know what I don’t know

My love for you is great
For when I finally meet you
And you meet me
Oh my soul!


Blind love

Baby I love you
and that is the only truth
Baby I love you
and don’t want to be afraid of it

I love like an idiot
I want to say more
but my heart is tired out
from being too queer and shy.

(Verses about my hopelessness to love, but it show me how to focus to do so. Bojemoi, I hope so.)

Confession of an Existentialist

I have a queer feeling of neutrality, yet I desire the opportunities to be happy. I read, study, take notes, discuss, but it hasn’t lead me to being happy. What I know from discussions and reading books – will not make me happy. The “happiness” I desire comes from my heart as a thought form received from the Most High! For Substance is Cosmiuc Intelligence that induces my spirit substance to be “thoughts that create reality.” I want to live in a thought not as a object. I want to make sense of “life principles” and live heaven on earth. I pray to purge suffering, because I know it still in the shadow over looking these words.

Oh, my soul.  I LOVE YOU!

Confession of an Existentialist
My thoughts are received
from contemplating with the Source;
Thus, my mind does not reside
in the brain (its non-local).

Thinking is detrimental
because thinking is motion
and motion is a function of thought
and not a fact.

To think is to know substance
to be just thinking
your thought won’t exist.

You want to contemplate and be inspired,
this happens as the heart
beats the mind
as your relationship to know
divine love.

This is the Truth:
Cosmic Intelligence is the substance that runs through
everything (animate and inanimate); Be open to the Source
and allow an unlimited reservoir of wisdom and abundance to make your
life principle: Heaven on Earth.

Only you can build the foundation
of knowledge to have the abilities to receive His gifts of
happiness and glory
and be The Great I Am.



Whimsy pathway to romance

Yesterday, I was brooding at Joe Bean (cafe downtown Oshawa) about the path I’m on to find romance. That day I wanted study and write prose inspired by the book The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire.

My friend was with me earlier, I showed him the book and offered him to study abit of it while I read another book I had with me (Lady Chatterley’s Lover). I told him in jest that I had this book since 2003. He joshed me by saying, “Now your finally getting around to reading it.” I said, “No, I read it, just never practiced it fully.” My friend held the book, he scanned it, but he remarked “I can’t read this” as in he doesn’t have the patience or aptitude to understand the language used by the author David Deida. My friend would leave. I would read Chapter 4o “Allow Older Women Their Magic” and I wrote this prose.

Allow her to shine magnificence:
wisdom, power, intuition and wit;
Make no demands or build models
Let her radiance and love spring forward.

Primal is beauty of the way her soul shines
Primal is the flush of her heavenly guise
Primal is knowledge of the way she moves life
Primal is the youth of her energy inside.

My Dry Spiritual Wit

“The Universe is Mental; the All is Mind.”

My heart and Mind is Wisdom.
Let your emotions guide the path.
Be true to thyself!
No man can be till he has seen his Vision.

Dear Wetiko,
I feel suffering, I have attachments
I want joy, I want happiness
I feel regret, I have scorn
I want joy, I want happiness

Dear Source,
I Am grateful, I Am humble
I want to live in love and light
I Am soulful, I Am virgin
I want to live in love and light


Create Art Everywhere

I don’t go anywhere without a notepad and writing tool because writing or drawing is my social habit. Last night I went to the Stag’s Head for karaoke. Being hard of hearing in a noisy bar make picking up conversation difficult; having my notepad or smartphone I can write messages or do a poetry or art collaborations. I sat with my friend, we didn’t talk much, but we just had a good time. I felt myself contemplating something, so I dug into my satchel and pull out my notepad and pen and created some art.

shwa art4

shwa art5

A whimsical heartache

I am romanticizing heartache
For I have never felt it in
the soul
but only through the expression
of cold
As I sat idle by watching
other love grow.

Universe is Love Making

Beloved and Me
in the Electric Universe
feeling orgasmic
in the Orgone field of knowing

loving making

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